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North America

One of the most popular, and varied, holiday destinations for world travellers, North America has it all, from San Francisco, California's cosmopolitan 'City on the Bay', to Nova Scotia's Bay of Fundy, famed for its rich marine life. And wherever you want to go, Pure Tourism has the perfect escorted holiday to North America for you.

South America

Central & South America gives you the opportunity to see the New World for yourself with its myriad of natural and architectural attractions. From the condor of the mighty Andes mountain range to the unique wildlife, Latin America never fails to impress. With Pure Tourism you can visit the mountain top city of Machu Picchu, see Iguazu Falls when in Brazil or enjoy paradise in Costa Rica.


A true continent of contrasts. A European touring holiday means a ticket to an array of historical, cultural and natural wonders, unique to this varied continent. The intricate web of Europe's history is evident in its awe-inspiring architecture, influenced by past empires and individual creative brilliance.


For the adventure seeking traveller and wildlife fanatic there is nowhere quite like Africa. A continent oozing with places to explore from the wonderful National Parks of Kenya to the vast sand dunes of the Sahara Desert - taking your time to choose the perfect touring holiday is worthwhile. Our range of African tours burst with possibilities and include journeys to every corner of the country.


Asia is a vast continent of remarkable diversity, offering a world of countless wonders for the adventurous traveller. On many a seasoned globetrotter's wish-list, China is a land of timeless beauty. Explore Beijing's fabulous Forbidden City, walk along the Great Wall, or enjoy a scenic cruise along the River Yangtze, while in Chengdu, you can encounter China's most cherished wild animal, the panda.

Australia & New Zealand

For a taste of the exotic coupled with the familiarity of home, Australia and New Zealand are hard to beat as touring holiday destinations. These two countries are lands of contrasts, with bustling, cosmopolitan cities found in or near expanses of rainforest, desert and spectacular coastal scenery.


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