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West India

Whether it is the desert locations of Gujarat or the exotic beaches of Goa, the fascinating hills of Maharashtra or the ancient caves of Ajanta and Ellora; west India tour packages wait to leave you completely enthralled. Be it for a family vacation or a romantic holiday, the getaways of west India offer great options for all.

South India

Southern India, or Peninsula India, largely consists of the four states of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala, is a treasure trove of elights for tourists. Southern India is bunded by the Arabian Sea on the West, the Bay Of Bengal on the East and the Indian Ocean on the South. It is famous for it's rich religious and cultural heritage, beautiful temples and landscapes.

North India

As a region, North India is perhaps the most visited region by tourists travelling to India. Tours in North India offer a number of delights to travelers seeking to discover the history and culture of India. Our comprehensive range of North India tour packages, include a treasure trove of destinations displaying India's rich and vibrant culture, beautiful temples, holy rivers and world famous monuments.

East India

A cultural potpourri, a wildlife habitat, mesmerizing hill stations, and vast estates of tea; this is east India for you. From the rock cut temples of Orissa to the musical heritage of Bengal. Discover them on east India tour packages and see what a tranquil vacation can do to your overall being. Yes, traveling across east India will more than mesmerize your senses and take you on a magical sojourn.


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